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Carnival Cruise Line Chooses Cape Fear Rum!

All aboard! Cape Fear Distillery is excited to announce that our Cape Fear Rum has been selected to sail on Carnival Cruise Line starting March 22, 2022! Cape Fear Rum will onboard 22 Carnival ships to start the spring cruise season on the “World’s Most Popular Cruise Line.”

According to Zachary Sulkes, Carnival Cruise Line’s Director of Beverage Operations, Carnival discovered Cape Fear Rum at the 2021 PROOFs Awards in Las Vegas, which has become the largest spirits competition in America. According to Sulkes, “Carnival chose only three new rum brands to onboard this year and we chose Cape Fear Rum because of its smooth, tropical taste and nautical branding, which is perfect for our ships’ bars.”

According to Alex Munroe, owner of Cape Fear Distillery, the opportunity came as a surprise. Munroe says, “I received an email one morning from a guy named Eddie requesting a sample case of Cape Fear Rum to be shipped to Miami for a boat. There was no company name in the email or address, only specific shipping instructions, so I assumed it was for some bigwig who wanted it on his yacht. A couple weeks later I received an email back from Eddie and found out that he was the Vice President of Beverage Operations for Carnival Cruise Line. I was so excited I printed the email and ran into the distillery and read it aloud to the crew working on the bottling line. We’d all been working so hard, and the Carnival interest provided confirmation that our efforts had been recognized. You’d have thought we’d just won the lottery!”

Munroe says the process to get Cape Fear Rum aboard Carnival has taken about a year, but he’s excited about the relationship. “Everyone at Carnival has been very supportive to work with and as we come out of the pandemic, people are eager to travel and try new things. As an award-winning craft spirit, I believe Cape Fear Rum is going to be a hit onboard.”

Maritime Gin

 making waves in Vegas!

Las Vegas Blue Martini Chooses

Cape Fear Gin!

The Blue Martini, one of the most famous bars in Las Vegas, loves Cape Fear Gin and has selected it as one of their house signature spirits. If you're going to the LV strip, stop in and enjoy a local NC product that's high rolling in Vegas! On Wednesday nights, bottles are specially priced at $100.00 with full table service!

Sensi Magazine, one of the hippest magazines on the Las Vegas Strip, featured Cape Fear Distillery's Maritime Gin for their Valentine's cocktail of choice this year, Valentine's Gin Fizz! So cool to have our Elizabethtown gin getting love all the way in Vegas!! Who says we can't rock and roll with the world's best?!!

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277 Bourbon Street
Elizabethtown, NC 28337

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