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Calcutta Big Bite Rums

Cape Fear got its name from sailors afraid of getting wrecked. Apropos for a spirit, no? Cape Fear Distillery carries on that tradition by creating award-winning spirits like our 6-times gold medal-winning rum, a delicately balanced palate pleaser with notes of butterscotch and coconut.


But then we decided to make a rum with more bite, more spice. So, we reached out to the folks at the Calcutta brand, a team known for getting and keeping big bites for big boats in the offshore fishing game, to get a bare bones take. The result, a series of boldly flavored rums that bite back with flavors that never get lost in the stormy seas of your mixology choices.


The folks at Calcutta would tell you never make a risky bet when it comes to drinkin’ or fishin’ – we say cheers to that!

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