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Hard Aground

There are two types of sailors in the world: those who’ve run aground, and liars. Any skipper worth his salt will readily admit that sandbars are a fact of life and that anyone who’s spent any time at the helm of a ship has, in due course, encountered one.  


Such is life. As much as we’d like every day to be filled with calm seas and smooth sailing, we all eventually, somehow, run aground.


Our Maritime Gin® is dedicated to all of life’s skippers- the everyday men and women beset against the rolling oceans of the ordinary day. Whether you’re working your tiller against the murky seas of a bad day at the office or steadying your helm into the mercurial winds of love, navigating the routine world can be as challenging as a dinghy facing a tempest.


So, here’s to life’s adventures, whether dragging your keel or cruising on a beam reach; to finding respite in a lee shore, or a sturdy anchor in a safe harbor. Cheers to captaining our own voyages, to floating off a sandbar after being Hard Aground, and to an enjoyable swill of Maritime Gin®!


Have a good Hard Aground story? Send a picture and tell us about it for a chance to win a night’s stay at our beautiful resort!


Thanks Sea Tow!


"We were in a new area of the Cape Fear river and when returning, encountered the infamous sandbar...SeaTow rescued us!"  ~Ellen Holmes


Making the Best of It!

"If you have travelled the intracoastal waterway through South Carolina, you may know of a place called "Hell's Gate", an interesting name I thought as I approached it. It is a fairly narrow canal and with a 30' sailboat and a 4' draft with a mighty 16 hp diesel to push, it was not likely to "power through" the silt. When I saw that the red and green channel markers laying on their sides securely on the hard, I knew it would be a challenge. Sure enough, as we entered, we came to a mushy halt in the center of the channel and waited not so patiently 5 hours for high tide to set us free.... a good time to enjoy the serenity. That is what true sailors do, right?"  ~ Gerry Nance

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